We develop products that empower people to live healthier lives.


At Welmedix, we are building a next-generation caregiving company with unique solutions designed to address under-served healthcare needs in first aid, sun care and elder care, along with the knowledge to help families make better decisions for the health of their loved ones... for both the young, and the young at heart.


fragile skin care

Welmedix HomeCare PRO is specially designed for skin affected by incontinence, scleroderma, disability, reduced mobility and drying, thinning or hardening. Our hospital-grade products teaches a proven regimen to help clean, protect and treat fragile skin at home.

We also offer expert education, tips and techniques to help address the myriad complex challenges of daily caregiving.

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Sun Care / FIRST AID

SunBurnt Advanced After-Sun Gel is a patented combination of naturals + non-sticky aloe in a soothing, super-hydrating gel that instantly cools, rehydrates and reduces itching, redness and peeling. 

First Degree Multi-Symptom Burn Cream is a patented, highly efficacious solution for minor burns, insect bites and abrasions that soothes pain and itch and helps reduce the appearance of scars. 

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